Welcome to Papa’s Wingeria game. Papa’s Wingeria is the newest version in Papa’s food serving series. Similar other of Papa’s games, Papa’s Wingeria is an awesome simulation and management game.

To run Papa’s Wingeria, you need to select your character : Chuck or Mandi. One new feature is to create a custom worker. In create character mode, you can many things for your character such as : gender, name, skin color, eye type, eye look, mouth look, hair color, hair, facial hair, eye position, eye spacing, mouth position, neck length, head position, head size…

Papa’s Louis just opened a new restaurant, which is name : “Papa’s Wingeria”. You have a chance to become manager of this restaurant, but you need to work hard for that. First, in the Order Station, you must take customer’s order here. Second, cook the wings and things in the fryers in the Fly Station.Third, toss your wings in different sauces in the Sauce Station. And the last, prepare your sides and wings on a plate in the Build Station.

Each day has the target score to complete a day. You need to work hard for your score end of day. With your score, you can buy new items and accessories of clothing for your own character in the Shop. You also can earn score in Mini-Games.

How to play Papa’s Wingeria

Use your mouse to play this game, for more instructions, follow the tutorials while playing.

Have Fun !

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41 Responses to

  1. leondra says:

    i love this game

  2. natori says:

    This game is so much fun but it is to hard for me sometime I can do all people at one time

  3. duncan says:

    Best eria game but also most fun.

  4. Shinayah says:

    this is one of my favorite games and i played and beat all of them

    • deja bell says:

      eht6s my favorite 1 too we always play this one we kinda like the other ones to they be having these mean people on here i just want to cuss them out,but i cant bc im at school


    • Kanon says:

      What is the last level??

  5. Shinayah says:

    oh ya!!

  6. james preston says:

    the best game eva i love it

  7. sebastian anderson says:

    awesome game :)

  8. Artemisia says:


  9. kitonya says:

    i love papas wingeria it is nice

  10. deja bell says:

    me and my friends always play this lol

  11. kitonya says:

    heyyyy im back

  12. kitonya says:

    papas wingeria i cool

  13. kitonya says:

    i love papawingeria

  14. Destiny Murphy says:

    I <3 this game so mus=ch!!!!

  15. Karl says:

    Rank 42 baby! this game is awesome!!!

  16. ROSALYNN says:


  17. BOSGMDFGM says:


  18. BOSGMDFGM says:

    I <3 James

  19. mercedes says:


  20. dharshini says:

    i like thhis ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee

  21. kepo says:

    i like this game artinnya:aku suka game ini

  22. Jayla says:

    fun but i get so tired of the turtuiol i have played this for 3 years now

  23. Kanon says:

    What is the last level??

  24. shdasia says:

    wow everytme I,m getting 100 like goodness greatous I reallyloe this game with al my heart and love

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